Clinic Session 107
GAME PLAN FOR THE 3-5-3. Complete coverage of the 3-5 defense and how we successfully attack this defense with the wing-t. Thorough evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the defense and how we use formations and schemes to successfully dismantle the 3-5.

Clinic Session 207
3-STEP AND QUICK PASSING GAME Complete explanation of the 3-step game including protections, routes and the call system. Included will be our quick sprint and quick screen game. Easy and effective ways to get the ball outside with minimal pressure on the QB. Under center or shotgun.

Clinic Session 307
USING TE UNBALANCED FORMATIONS. Use of traditional right and left tight end unbalanced formations for the running and play action game. We have used a good deal of trey formation to add effectiveness in the passing game to this unbalanced formation. The trey running game presents nice opportunities for shotgun while still having balanced formation integrity.

Clinic Session 407
SHOTGUN OPTION ATTACK We have consistently included the option game in our wing-t attack. We now use both veer and load option from a spread gun formation and I will provide insight on this option package out of the gun. Included will be schemes and checks to be in a good play every snap.

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