Clinic Session 109
PASS PROTECTION. What we’re doing with Pass protection Schemes to compliment the Wing-T offense. 6 man, 7 man and 8 man protection schemes for sprint, dropback, three-step and play-action. All you need to know to protect the Quarterback. Video included to show schemes. This was presented at the 2009 Seattle Glazier Clinic.

Clinic Session 209
O-LINE COMMUINICATION. Wing-T Offensive Line Pre-Snap Communication, defensive Recognition, and simple Interpretation of Wing-T blocking rules. This was presented at the 2009 Seattle Glazier Clinic.

Clinic Session 309
INCORPORATING THE GUN. Discussion on Wing-T and the Shotgun formation. Who are you trying to please? Suggested ways of using the GUN and not losing your “ROOTS”, Full game plans available to keep people happy yet stick to your principles.

Clinic Session 409
ZONE AND STRETCH READ FOR THE WING-T. Teaching the inside zone and outside zone read schemes to the Wing-T offensive linemen. Focus on the combination blocks. Two solid plays that compliment your Wing-T formations.

Clinic Session 509
THE BASE PACKAGE – STILL GOING STRONG The “Bread and Butter” of the Wing-T running game & incorporating the option into the Wing-T as a plan against traditional thoughts of defending the Wing-T. Schemes and video.

Clinic Session 609
WE ARE WING-T. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Wing-T: Its not just a formation! A review of traditional Wing-T offensive philosophy and the use of multiple formations and motion to enhance offensive production in the Wing-T. This was presented at the 2009 Seattle Glazier Clinic.

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