There is little disagreement among those of us closely associated with the game of football that the play and performance of the offensive line is perhaps the most important ingredient in an efficient offense. This unique group of athletes must be the most cohesive unit on the team, and one that recognizes and rejoices in team accomplishments rather than in individual glory. In the Wing-T offensive scheme, the offensive lineman needs to be among the most intelligent and most skilled member of the offensive unit.

There are many coaches who have experienced success with the Wing-T offense. The breadth of the offense is tremendous with misdirection, power, counter, option, play action and drop back capabilities within the system; it is one that can easily be adapted to take advantage of the gifted players that each team may possess on a year to year basis. Regardless of where the gifted talent may lie from year to year, there is one area that can never have a down season, the offensive line. Linemen in the Wing-T must be multi-talented and develop a mastery of many aspects of successful offensive line play. Iso schemes, power schemes, the ability to zone block, mobility to pull and log or trap, contrasting with the ability to be an effective pass blocker are among the skills which a lineman in the Wing-T offense must develop.

Having coached and played in the offense and specifically the offensive line for 20 years, I have chosen to write what hopefully you will find to be the most comprehensive book on wing-t offensive line play in print, and one that you and your staff will be able to use as a resource for your offense.

It has been stated and generally understood that the Wing-T offense is a system of football. As coaches, we become comfortable and find confidence in systems that are effective. For many years, at every level of football the Wing-T offensive system has been one which has allowed many of us to find offensive success. In similar fashion, the way that the lineman is taught within the Wing-T system is also a clearly defined system of drills and progressions used in teaching line play. While the system of Teaching Wing-T offensive line techniques is very structured and systematic for the Wing-T offense, I believe that the drills, skills, and coaching points taught are effective in any offensive scheme. The blocking techniques include sound principles of offensive line play, regardless of scheme and can be used with the I, option, zone or any other offensive philosophy.

It is my hope that the information found in this book will allow your coaching staff to use this as a reference and assist in developing an efficient and effective way to teach offensive line play, or as a blueprint for a successful Wing-T offensive line.

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